Materia Products

After using PLA polylactic acid to make a sheet According to customer needs Design and manufacture related products From the lunch box, the bowl, the tableware, the plastic bag material can use PLA

The product itself is highly transparent Has good steel properties, natural non-toxic From process to recycling, about 40% reduction in carbon emissions

Although the heat resistance temperature is not high (50 °c or less) But there is also a new material CPLA Its heat resistance can reach 93 °c -100 °c


  Customized Service

- Customer requests, samples  - Depending on customer demand  

- Design products according to customer needs  

- Drawing design for customer confirmation  

- You can open the mold and make the initial sample.  

- Sample delivery to the customer (see if the details are modified)  

- If necessary, provide a picture to confirm to the customer  

- Re-sample to customer confirmation  

- After both parties confirm that they are correct  

- Production of mass production molds  

- Mass production of molds for small production, providing customers with final confirmation  

- Customers place orders for mass production


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